Layzie Bone has announced that he will no longer work with Bone thugs-n-harmony after fulfilling his upcoming obligations. Layzie provided this statement in a letter to fans released through social media.
"What up my fan family," Layzie said in his letter. "I just want to take this time to let you know that I'm not part of any of the 'Everything 100' shows that are scheduled. I know everyone is asking, 'Where you been Layzie?'"

Layzie stressed that he is working on his own solo effort.

"Well I'm letting y'all know that I've been working on my brand new album, Perfect Timing, and building my brand, Harmony Howse Entertainment. I'm doing what makes sense right now for my family and myself which is building my own brand."

While he is focusing on his solo work, he still has obligations to fulfill as part of Bone thugs-n-harmony.

"I will be performing with Bone thugs-n-harmony at the Rock the Bells dates and for a TV appearance with them, but after that, I am not obligated to do anything else with Bone thugs-n-harmony," Layzie said. "Let the record show that I'm part of one deal with Bone thugs-n-harmony which is only the single for 'Everything 100,' which is all I'm obligated for."

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