R&B singer Chris Brown has apparently exonerated rapper Meek Mill of any wrong doing during a brawl between the singer and Drake last night (June 14) in New York.
Chris Brown suffered a nasty gash on his chin, after being struck by a bottle inside of W.i.P, after his entourage brawled with Drake and his crew inside the venue.

Early reports suggested that rapper Meek Mill started the altercation and eventually struck Chris Brown with a bottle.

But the two men agreed that Meek wasn’t involved via Twitter tonight (June 15).

“Me and @MeekMill ain’t on that bullshit. Real respect Real,” Chris Brown tweeted.

Meek replied to Brown’s message immediately, after denying involvement earlier in the day.

“We just getting money,” Meek Mill replied.

According to the latest reports, representatives for Drake are now cooperating with the investigation into the brawl, which sent several people to the hospital.

One female partygoer required 16 stitches after being hit by a flying bottle in the club and five others were injured.

W.i.P also suffered major damages as a result of the fight.

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